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forex-robotDie nachfolgend aufgeführten EAs werden Ihnen als kostenlose Ressource angeboten. Allerdings ist JNS-ISRASWISS nicht in der Lage, die Genauigkeit oder Zuverlässigkeit dieser EAs zu kontrollieren oder zu garantieren. Bitte vergewissern Sie sich, dass Sie die technischen Indikatoren verstehen, dass Sie wissen, für welche Währungspaare sie geeignet sind und unter welchen Marktbedingungen sie am besten funktionieren. Die Verwendung eines EAs erfolgt auf eigenes Risiko des Händlers.


 00ZZ Trader : we enter on 00 levels (for example 1.3700) breakout on tf 60, filtered with two simple zigzag different tf, exit on basket trail.
 00ZZ Vector : entry on wpr cross with its repective level, filtered with 00 price level.
 1 Min ALF Scalping EA : signal based on alf, osma, macd, moving averages, timeframe one minutes and five minutes.
 1-2-3 Pattern EA : expert advisor based on the bps 1-2-3 pattern indicator and its peak level.
 123PatternsV6 EA : signals based on 123patternsv6 indicator, we enter on the third color dot.
 2 Percent Daily EA : we enter orders when the price is breaking support and resistance levels.
 2 Stochastic Scalper : a simple expert advisor based on stochastics with a signal and a filter.
 2Bar Reverse EA D1 version : a first ea based on the 2 bars pattern for a reversal trend.
 2Bar Reverse EA H4 version : a second ea based on the 2 bars pattern for a reversal trend.
 2EMAs+Fractal EA : entry on two ema cross, filtered with fractals, partial tp, sl on high/low.
 2MTFMA EA : entry when 2mtfma indicator gives buy or sell mark signal.
 3 Ducks EA : another ea based on the famous 3 ducks trading system, filtered with bbsqweeze.
 3 Ducks System EA : entry when the price is over/under the moving average on three different timeframes.
 3 SMA HILO System EA : signal based on 5 sma typical direction and 3 sma high low break.
 4H 10P EA : pending orders on current high/low, before the close of the bar, exit on low/high, limited martingale.
 4xPuller Expert : entry based on wma, with ao, ac, stoch, laguerre and macd filter.
 5 Reversal EA : we follow the long and short signals given by the 5reversals indicator.
 100 Daily Pips EA : we place 3 buystop and 3 sellstop over and under the high and low of the previous daily bar.
 Acceleration_Bands EA : entry based on breakout of the acceleration bands, exit on reentry inside the channel.
 AdaptiveRenko EA : we enter long on green signals, short on red signals, generated by the AdaptativeRenko indicator.
 ADR EA : entry on high and low horizontal line price touch of the !sm_adr marker indicator.
 ADX Cross EA : we follow the signals generated by the adx crossing v2 indicator, martingale and time filter available.
 ADX MA EA : signal based on ema price cross, filtered with ema and sma direction and adx position.
 ADX Range EA : entry based on adx, with different range filters and price filters.
 ADX Smoothed EA : entry when smooth adx is over a certain level and plus is over/under minus.
 ADX+SAR+EMA EA : entry on emas cross, filtered with sar and adx, exit on sar.
 AL-Bit EA : we have two average based on high and low, we go long/short when the new bar has opened over/under these levels.
 AllAverages with Band EA : entry on yellow line, exit on gray upper line for longs, gray lower line for shorts.
 Alembert EA : we open two pending orders over/under previous daily close; we use D’Alembert’s martingale to manage the money.
 Alpha EA : entry based on alpha indicator, with time filter, atr stoploss and takeprofit.
 Alternative_Ichimoku EA : expert based on the alternative ichimoku, we enter when the price is crossing the kumo.
 Always In Market EA : we open one buy order and one sell order, with tp 10 pips and no sl, we reenter the order when the tp is reached.
 Anti-martingale MM EA : we add positions on ma trend, with lot plus 0.1 if previous closed profits are positive, minus 0.1 if negative.
 AO MA Scalper : we enter when the price is over/under ma1, the ma1 over/under ma2, and when we have x consecutive up/down ao values.
 Appaloosa MA Trader : we enter on w-rvim appaloosa cross, filtered with a moving average direction.
 Appaloosa System EA : correlation trading system based on 6 pairs and the w-rvim appaloosa indicator.
 Aroon EA : we go long when aroon goes over levelup, short when it goes under leveldn.
 ATR Range EA : a breakout system with a band formed by the ATR Range indicator, high/low on the last x candles + atrvalue*atrfactor.
 ATR Trade Time EA : we go long/short when the difference between the x and y th previous bar close is >= 1/-1 * z percent of daily atr.
 Auto-Calc EA : we enter buy with same sl and tp, we increment the lots size after a loss with adaptative sl and tp to cover previous losses.
 Avoitenko : We go long/short when the price is x pips under/over donchian upper/lower level; we use pending orders.
 BarPoints EA : we go long/short on the blue/red signals generated by the barpoints indicator.
 Basic Martingale EA : simple martingale strategy, open martingale version (positions added after x pips against us).
 BB Pro EA : We go long/short when the low/high is under/over lower/upper band, the close of the next bar is over/under the high/low.
 BB MACD CCT Trend Magic EA : signal based on bb macd dot color and trend magic line color.
 BB MACD EA : entry based on the bb_macd indicator dot color change,
 BB_Percent_EA Modified : bb percent signal, rsi and ma filter with mm and time filter.
 BB SMMA EA : entry on bollinger bands cross, filtered with a smma, exit on bb middle line and smma cross.
 BB Stoch EA : entry on first upper/lower bb touch, filtered with stoch direction.
 Bband + Macd + MA EA : bbands signal filtered with macd and ma levels, applied to high and low; martingale available.
 BBands RSI EA : we have 5 different bollinger bands for the signals and the rsi as a filter.
 BBands_Stops EA : entry on bbands stops indicator signal.
 Belkhayate EA v2 : entry on gravity center cross with the price, filtered with timing.
 Best Expert M1 EA : we enter when the price goes x% of the average of the last x candles size over/under open price.
 BidAsk EA : entry based on bidask indicator’s signals that uses location of price comparing to previous high and low.
 BKK 3 Stochastic EA : entry on stock main and signal cross, filtered with stoch level and higher timeframe stochastics.
 Bollinger Bands EA : we go long/short on bollinger band lower/upper cross from under/over to over/under.
 Breakout BSL EA v2 : entry on time window breakout, exit on reversal side of the window.
 Breakout Close Candle EA : entry on the breakout of the candle drawn on a certain hour, above/below an ema filter.
 Breakout EA : entry on lowest/highest value +/- a certain margin of the bars between two hours.
 Breakout Last X Candles EA : entry when the price breaks the high or low of the last x candles.
 Buy Sell Follower EA : we buy/sell at the same time on initialization, then we reenter/close on heiken ashi smoothed signals filtered with ma.
 Buyers Sellers EA : expert advisor based on 4bars-mtf-bbh, bullbearhelper and adaptativelaguerre filter.
 BuySale Arrows EA : we enter long/short order on buysale arrows indicator arrows, blue for long, red for sale.
 Camarilla EA : we enter pending orders based on the h3/h4 l3/l4 camarilla levels.
 Candle Breaker : pending order on high/low if previous candle is red/green and previous high/low is lower/higher than second previous high/low.
 Candle Close EA : we close the orders manually entered when we open an opposite order or after x candles.
 Candle Counter EA : we enter long/short after x consecutive bull/bear candle, changedirection enabled.
 Candle Counter MA EA : we go long/short after x short/long candles from the last price ma cross; we have one ma for entry, and another for exit.
 Candle High and Low EA : pending entry at certain hour, x pips over under the previous high/low, deleted after certain minute, cancelled if the other is triggered.
 Candle Price Swing EA : we buy/sell if we have a bearish/bullish candle followed by a bullish/bearish candle with a min length of x pips.
 Candle Stats EA : entry based on statistics, 0=number of bull/bear candles, 1=number of pips, 2=biggest bull/bear candle location, 3=value of the biggest bull/bear.
 Candlestick EA : trades based on harami, cross, engulf, pierce, morningstar, hammer, darkcloud, eveningstar, and shooter.
 CCI EA : entry on cci cross with -100/100, mm, basket pips and time filter options available.
 CCI MA Scalper : Entry based on ma direction with three different ma, filtered with cci.
 CCI Stoch Signal EA : entry on stoch signal, filtered with the cci line.
 CCI Trader : an expert advisor based on signals generated by cci and its different levels.
 CCY EURUSD EA : we open a grids of buy and sell stop pending orders and we close them when we reach a certain profit.
 CHO_4CZ Divergence EA : entry on divergences between the Chaikin oscillator and the price.
 Channel ZZ EA : we follow the signals generated by the channel zz_v2_en indicator.
 Close on NonLagMA_v7_M EA : close manual orders on opposite nonlagma_v7_m line color change.
 Cluster EA : expert advisor based on the famous cluster trading system.
 COG Scalper : entry based on center of gravity lines breakout, filtered with macd.
 Commander : expert that works like a script, it disables all the eas on profit/loss and reenable them the next week.
 Coppock EA : ea based on the coppock oscillator with up and down level breakout.
 Correlation Martingale EA : correlation martingale system based on eurusd and usdchf.
 Correlation Strategy EA : entry on correlation between two pairs, eurusd and gbpusd for example.
 Correlation Trading EA : trading with correlation/lagging between two pairs.
 Cumulative MA EA : we enter long/short over under a MA, then we add orders on each new bar, we close them when we reach our target.
 Cumulative MA Hedge EA : we buy/sell on two pairs, depending on the first pair signal, we close when the global profit is bigger than x dollars.
 Cyber Cycle EA : entry if the cyber cycle is equal to -1/1 on the last x bars.
 Cycle EA : signal on the new cycle indicator line direction.
 Daily Breakout : we enter a pending orders at the high/low of the previous daily bar at 0:00 depending on the last parabolic sar signal.
 Daily High and Low EA : we enter on daily high and low with several pending orders and different takeprofits.
 Daily High Low Time EA : we enter when the price goes up or down comparing to current daily open +/- x percent of previous daily range.
 Daily Incremental Lots EA : we open 2 pending orders at different hours of the day, with doubling lots size.
 Daily MA Scalper : we scalp when the current bar is breaking a moving average set on daily tf.
 Daily Pivot Points EA : we enter pending orders on daily pivots, we reenter if possible and we close the orders at the end of the day.
 Damiani Volatmeter EA : entry when the damiani volatmeter reach a certain level.
 Darkonix System EA : entry and exit on nonlagma_v7.1_emailalert color change.
 Day EMA EA : entry on pips away from daily ema and pips away from first and second orders.
 DeltaStop EA : we have long and short signals based on two delta-stop indicators crosses.
 dinMA Manager : exit orders with a same magic number done on dinma yellow line.
 Doda-Donchian Fix EA : entry based on doda donchian upper and lower channel, exit on middle channel.
 Doda-EMA EA : we go long/short when ema1>ema2, ema1>ema3 and ema2>ema3. We have different parameters for the exit.
 DodaCharts EA : entry on doda donchian breakout, filters : doda bollinger bands and bbsqueeze dark.
 Dolly Graphics EA : entry when the price crosses the sell zone or the buy zone.
 Donchian MA Scalper : signals based on the high low breakout of the donchian channel.
 Donchian MA Trader : signal based on the donchian and moving average breakout.
 Donchian-RSI-MA Cross EA : signals based on donchian, rsi, ma cross, with fibonacci progression martingale and partial close.
 Double CCI EA : we enter on the signals generated by the cci and it respective levels, filtered by a second cci.
 Double Stoch EA : entry on two stoch filter, three moving average filter, a stoch signal with x consecutive up/dn movements.
 DS_Stochastic EA : we go long/short when the ds stoch and the ema are changing their direction to down/up over/under level2/level1.
 DTosc Arrow EA : entry based on dtosc indicator arrows and filtered with stepma indicator.
 Dynamic MA EA : simple moving average indicator as signal with a dynamic period based on atr.
 e-StochFree Modified : signal based on stochastics and its respective levels, filtered by macd over under 0.
 e-Trailing Modified : trailing stop, breakeven and basket trail pips applied to all orders.
 EA 5_34_5 : we enter on the cross of the 5_34_5 indicator’s two lines.
 EA Simple 4X : entry based on snagger trend, filter and exit on mtf ao indicator.
 Easy Approach EA : buy and sell, new buy and sell on takeprofit, global close on basket loss.
 ECO EA : entry based on eco_v1 indicator cross with its zero level, sl 50 tp30.
 ELabunskyVolaPresser EA : expert based on the elabunskyvolapresser indicator’s signals.
 Elliot Wave Oscillator EA : we enter on elliott_wave_oscillator-signal indicator crosses.
 EA EMA+RSI+%R : ema 14 over/under ema 40, rsi over/under 50, wpr signal on -20/0 -80/-100.
 EMA Break EA : exponential moving average breakout, distance pips above/below ma.
 EMA Cross EA : we enter on short and long ema cross signal, with ma shift option for both ema.
 EMA Cross Pips EA : entry limit orders on an ema, on stop orders over under when the price is crossing the ema.
 EMA Cross Simple EA : we enter when ema1 is over three other ma, filtered with max mtf macd, exit on ao.
 EMA High & Low EA : exponential moving average high and low price breakout filtered with macd.
 EMA Exponential Cross 100 MA EA : expert based on ema applied to high close and low, sma and rsi.
 EMA Filter EA : entry on ema cross, filtered with filter indicator, different rules with instant and pending orders.
 EMA Scalper Unlimited EA : scalping based on 4 ema position.
 EMA System EA : entry if previous open over/under ema 75 and ema 10 over/under ema 75 and previous bar has broken up/down ema 10.
 EMA-SMA PA EA : entry based on ma cross, filtered with heiken ashi and tsi divergence, exit on auto trail.
 Envelopes EA : long/short if the pips over/under the upper/lower envelopes is bigger than the pips under/over the lower/upper envelopes.
 Escape Modified EA : modified version of the escape expert advisor.
 Euro Miner EA : entry based on the euro miner arrows, filtered with the nonlagma.



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